Titan Ecosystem Doc
TinecoChain is a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) Layer-2 blockchain solution. For
true decentralization, it's essential to have its own cost-effective blockchain
infrastructure. Tineco Chain will help increase the burn rate, thereby
reducing the circulating supply . It will become the home for all official
Titanecosystem projects and those of the community, and will significantly
reduce transaction fees within the ecosystem.
TinecoChain uses various technologies and protocols, such as the
PolyBFT consensus mechanism, StateSync, and Checkpoints for bridging.
Additionally, it supports ERC standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-
1155 for token creation. One of the standout features is the zkEVM, which
allows for zero-knowledge proofs on an EVM-compatible chain. This offers
both scalability and privacy, two features that are often considered
mutually exclusive in the blockchain world.
Titan SWAP
TitanSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) that allows you to
trade on a peer-to-peer basis. This means you can swap tokens directly on
TitanSwap without the need for a middleman, which is more private and
secure than trading your crypto assets on centralized exchanges (CEXs). It
will be a DEX that won't unfoundedly ban other assets like Uniswap does,
going against the principles of DeFi, and will never integrate "optional" KYC
Tineco Wallets
Non Custodial, HD and EVM-compatible wallet. We will also begin
implementing Non-EVM Chains in the next updates, giving priority to the
most used ones. The Wallet will feature an internal swap, the ability to
stake within the wallet, the option to set recurring payments, and the ability
to execute transactions without the need to own the native coin of the
network on which you operate within the wallet, instead, you'll be able to
pay with other assets you hold.
Wallets will be made for Android,IOS,Win(+8) OS so you can use them
on any devices.
NFT Collection
Tineco's NFTs will be distributed free of charge to the community as a
reward. They'll be given to early holders. Their specific utility will be
unveiled in the future. There will be around 20,000 NFTs each with unique
utility .
Debit Cards
Visa/Master prepaid cards
the platform offers creating and loading prepaid Visa/Mastercard debit
cards using TINECO coins, as well as a variety of renowned
cryptocurrencies, including stable coins, across different blockchains.
These debit cards come with a maximum balance of $20,000 , a daily
transaction cap of $1000, and are accepted by countless merchants
Titan ATM
At next step , we try to install ATM machines with TINECO logo in few
Our plan is to install 50 ATM worldwide at first step then set more and
more ATMs annually .
Metaverse Game
We're planning to create a game with blockchain technology,Then move
it to Titan blockchain.
The type of game and its specific features will be decided through
proposals and votes from our community.
Native Tokens Smart Contracts
For the first time in the blockchain technologey : Developers can set up gas
fee for their token to pay part of transaction fee by their native tokens
This new feature created by our blockchain engineers and it makes Titan
ecosystem very popular for developers
DEX Listing
TINECO will be tradeable on the Uniswap and the Titanswap
CEX Listing
TINECO will be listed on the major exchangers as Binance, Bybit, HTX,
Kucoin, Coinex and etc
Token Name
Total Supply
Circulating Supply
Listing Price
Ethereum Blockchain (ERC20)